ường Emmaus

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Wings of a Beautiful Dream



Trang chnh ường Emmaus


A Good bit of luck


Joseph Nguyễn Cng Đoan, S.J.



Lord, do with me as You will.
Let me become feet for the lame and hands for the amputee,
Eyes for the blind,
Ears for the deaf,
A mouth and tongue for the mute,
A voice for those oppressed by injustice.

Lord, send me into the rice-paddies.
Let me bring nourishment to the hungry,
water to the thirsty,
medicine to the sick,
clothes to those who go naked,
blankets to those who shiver in cold.

 Lord, send me out onto deserted highways.
Let me be a lamp shining upon the steps of those
who wander in the night,
A fire warming those who grow numb.
Let me witness compassion to those who roam in loneliness,
Let me restore dignity to those who are oppressed,
Let me offer liberty to those loaded with burdens.

Lord, send me off into the farthest reaches of our world.
Let me spread peace among those caught in discord,
Serenity to those living in anxiety,
Consolation to the broken hearted,
Joy to the aggrieved,
And good fortune to those who lack it.


Lord, let me be a good chance
And bring happiness to all the miserable I encounter on their way.
Let fear not hold me back
As forward I go on the ocean of life,
With a heart like a volcano
And gentle hands like a mothers.

 Lord, make me Your instrument to all this,
Winning peace and joy in happiness for everyone.
As for me, I leave everything in Your hands,
For You are my God, my Love, and my Reason for living.
You give me the fullness of hope in You,
So that I may joyfully dwell all my life trusting in You.

Amen !




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