Chris, Eric, Viet, Tony, Joseph, Khoa
Phi, Nhi, Ceci.

Nhóm Bánh Ḿ
Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles County, California. Tây Nam Region

Joseph Pham

Our History:
Our group was formed in Spring of 2007. The meaning of our group name means “bread” in Vietnamese. Bread was the focus in many gospel passages and our group felt it was fitting to call ourselves Nhom Banh Mi. There are many different types of bread in this world just like our group has many different member personalities and stories. However, we all unite together in Christ - one bread, one body.

Our group meets twice a month and one special activity we have at the beginning of every meeting is that we join together at the table and share a meal together. Currently our group is focusing directly on our member’s needs through unique prayer reflections that are written by our own members. The unique topics are crafted to meet our members where we are currently in our lives and allow our group to grow deeper in prayer.

Nhom Banh Mi asks the Dong Hanh community to pray for the grace of openness, so that our group can continue to grow and journey together in the years to come.


From top:  Eric, Chris, Phi, Khoa, Nhi, Bac Hoang, Joseph, Cha Tri


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