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Nhóm Hy Vọng
Fairfax County, Virginia


Fairfax County, Virginia. Đông Bắc Region

Mai Le-Cao,

Hy Vọng was formed in 1989. Hy Vọng means hopeful and we are always hopeful when we are walking with God.  We are hopeful in our trust in God and hopeful in living out our faith as one community in Christ. 

Our group meets once a month. A typical Hyvong meeting includes meeting for our children, sharing a meal together, and sharing our encounter with Christ in our daily lives and through the mission we serve. To further nourish our spirituality and our relationship with God, we attend annual silent retreat together. 

As a Dong Hanh CLC community, Hyvong would like to rediscover our identity and charism or discernment. We ask our Dong Hanh-CLC family to pray for Hyvong and its members to grow deeper in our relationship with God, to be a true servant of Christ in serving others, and to always discover God’s will for us as we live out our CLC vocation. 



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