Bottom Left to Right: C.Lan Huong, Giang Hoang, Phuong Tran, Tammy Tran, Bao-Chau Nguyen
2nd Row: Monika Vu, Huong Tran, Minh Chi Doan, Loang Hoang
3rd Row: Kiet Nguyen, Anh Mai, Daniel Lim, Cha Tri Dinh,
4th Row: Brian Nguyen, Hugo Munuz, Liz Tran, Kim Nguyen


Nhóm Carus
Orange County, California


Bao–Chau Nguyen, Daniel Lim

Our History:
Carus is a faith sharing group that came out of Caritas retreat, LoooOooo back in 2006. This summer will be our 10 years anniversary.

Carus means beloved, so we hope members can experience a sense of welcome and acceptance being part of Carus. It is to hear the message from God, "you are my beloved son/daughter, with you I’m well please.”

We ask active members to attend monthly meeting, pray daily, and attend 1 retreat per year. We are a community that is grounded in Ignatian Spirituality to help us discern and live out our personal vocation.

in 2016, members of Carus are going to a period of discerning their identity, needs and vocation in life. Please pray for us to have the courage to accept each other just as the way God accepts each of us and the willingness to let God form each one of us for His services.




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