To aid us in our evaluation of the year just passed

[ Progressio - January 1973. 1 ]


The questions below are to help us evaluate the year [of 1972] just passed. They will be most effective if members first use them for personal prayer over several days, and then in a meeting share the insights arrived at in each one's prayer with each other in a kind of "listening group". Thus the evaluation will be both of the individual and of the Community. One hint: before beginning this community revision of life, a few minutes of silent, prayerful reflection is most helpful, for a CLC evaluation is not simply a business checkup, but a spiritual discernment of how one stands before God. The three parts of the evaluation are a unity, together comprising the CLC vocation, the CLC way of life.


1. Personal Living of Our Vocation:

  • Have I understood CLC as involving (eventually) a permanent commitment that includes:
    - an entire gift of self to God?
    - a decision to live life the CLC way?
    - in and through life in this Community?
  • Has God been for me Alpha and Omega (A and Z), the center of everything?
    How strong was my faith commitment to Christ? To what degree was Jesus for me Way, Truth and Life?
  • Has the Church been for me truly "the Body of Christ"? Did I love her, striving to make her ever more truly a sign of God's love for men by my personal witness and activity? Was I intelligently but sincerely docile to those members of the People of God gifted by Christ with authority?
  • Was the Eucharist the center of my Christian life? Did I participate in it fully, daily if at all possible?
  • Have I made use of the sacrament of Penance with the frequency, and in the manner that would best aid my continuing conversion?
  • Personal prayer, especially that based on Scripture - was this a regular part of my daily life? Of sufficient length and depth? Truly relevant to my ordinary living?
  • Have I been advancing in discernment by an evaluation each evening of the day just passed?
  • Did I seek the spiritual guidance-personal when possible, but also as received in a group- that I needed?
  • Has Mary, Mother of God, been for me the model of the fully developed, truly liberated human person? How have I prayed to her and tried to imitate her?
  • Did I practice, a certain simplicity of living as part of my following of the poor Christ? How well did my material resources contribute, to building God's kingdom?
  • My human and professional skills, how well were these developed and used so as to make more effective my Christian witness?
  • How often and how well did I participate in CLC meetings? How well did I prepare for them?
  • Was my life last year one life, with its human and Christian elements truly integrated?
  • Did I renew the experience of the Spiritual Exercises in sufficient length and depth to make their spirituality a dynamic force in my daily life?

2. Our Vocation: Community Life and Discernment:

  • Our CLC - was it during the year just finished more truly a community than an organization? Was there in its meetings a deep sharing among members of their life of faith and prayer, as also of their human life and experiences? Was this done in such a way as to involve true discernment?
  • To what extent and in what way was there a sharing among Community members of their material resources? Of personal and professional skills? In which of their needs did members help each other?
  • Was our Community concerned to make known the CLC vocation and to afford to interested persons the best conditions for initiation and growth? Does the atmosphere and style of our Community present an attractive image to youth?
  • What criteria are used for permanent commitment in our Community? Is there a carefully planned program to prepare members for it? Are the Spiritual Exercises a key part of it? Is the program through? Well-balanced? Involve real participation by those who receive it?
  • The meetings, decisions, publications of our Community - did they represent a team effort, reflecting the fact that CLC is a lay organization, with lay responsibility predominant?
  • Has our Group participated fully in our national CLC life (publications, meetings, sharing)?
  • How did our Community reflect its participation in the world Christian Life Community of which it is part? Use of PROGRESSIO [and/or COMIGO]? Taking part in CLC gatherings, and sharing with CLC of other countries through letters, visits, exchange of ideas and material resources?

3. Our Vocation: Apostolic Service and Commitment to Justice:

  • Were our members kept acquainted with the guidelines and documents set forth by the Church, whether on the world level or locally?
  • How did we as a Community grow in our grasp of the national and local situation (social, political, economic, spiritual) and needs?
  • Has our group used community discernment to pinpoint the apostolic priorities for our group (as individuals and as a Community)? How effectively?
  • Has our Community or its members in their action aimed especially at eliminating the causes of social ills?
  • How have we furthered a greater political awareness and involvement of individual members of our Community?
  • Is the world dimension, of the problem of justice and human liberation sufficiently taken account of by our Community?
  • Apart from the area of liberation and development, are there other pressing apostolic needs in our area? If so, is our Community striving to respond to them?

Revision done, how well have I --how well has our Community--lived out the CLC vocation that is ours? How will I - how will we - live it out better?

January 1973—1

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