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Tracking The Spirit




Tracking the Spirit

 Preparing for Christian Life Community

You are about to begin a year preparing for Christian Life Community (CLC). We call it Tracking the Spirit. The purpose of this year is: 

·         To familiarize you with the process and spirit of CLC, and

·         To discern at the end of this process if you wish to join CLC. 

Energizing this quest is the spirit of grace. There is no judgment as to whether your experiences are good or bad. There is no one way to love and serve God; each person must discover her own path. That is the hope for this year, that each of you, with the support of each other, discover your own spiritual process and whether CLC builds upon it. 

Even though there is really only one biblical spirituality, the spirituality of Jesus, each person nevertheless brings her own style to it. Some may wish to follow Jesus within an intentional community, such as CLC. Others may experience their spirituality more naturally within prayer. Still others may find it most vividly in nature. 

Whatever the path, what is important is that each one find the way of loving and serving God that is most natural. The work in all of this is to discern the invitation of God’s Spirit of love and freedom, whether it be within CLC or in some other way. It is for each to support each other in this quest. Coming to recognize God’s hand in one’s life is a wonderful adventure. 

This calls for courage in that some in your group may decide that CLC is not for them and choose to leave the group. The spirit of grace calls everyone to support them in their decision and encourage them to pursue some other path. A sense of personal loss is natural and to be embraced. The primary issue in all spiritual pursuit is to recognize and follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit. 

How do you know if you wish to join Christian Life Community? If you want to.

Important indicators are if you find that CLC builds upon your personal spirituality, if you have been faithful in attending the meetings, and if you have a regular prayer practice. 

A word about Christian Life Community.  CLC is a world community of Christian women and men who meet in local communities to be Christ in the world. They meet twice a month, as you will be doing, and use the same style of meetings as in this booklet. Their focus is to discern through their shared experience how they feel moved to be Christ for others, especially in the ordinary routine of their daily lives. CLC does not prescribe for anyone how to do this. Rather it assists them in searching out and responding to how God’s Spirit is moving them, as revealed through what interests and attracts them – where their energies lie. 

CLC will be available to assist you as you work your way through Tracking the Spirit. From guided retreats to visits to phone calls and letters, members of CLC will be ready to help. You are most welcome to contact me at any time, whenever you feel the need. 

Let us hold each other in prayer as we seek to love and serve God in all things. God bless you on your journey. 

Larry Gooley, SJ
Assistant to Christian Life Community

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