Taste and see the goodness of the Lord; blessed is he who hopes in God - Psalm 33:9

  Trang chính Hop BPV 2006



A Prayerful Reflection on Habits of Self-Care


I place myself in God’s presence.
I ask for the gift of seeing myself honestly, as loved by God as I am, without condition.
I circle the 2-3 areas below that I can grow in terms of self-care.
I imagine how God cares for me in these areas. I talk to God about each area; I ask God for guidance and wisdom as to how I can collaborate with God in caring for myself in each area.
With the Spirit’s prompting, I decide on the 2-3 habits of self-care (lettered items) that I feel called by God to grow and deepen in the coming months (or at least the next three weeks).
I consider, with the Spirit’s lead, how I might keep myself accountable regarding this habit formation (e.g. write it on my bathroom mirror; share it with an accountability partner, a group member or my co-leader, etc…).
I spend time listening to God. I thank God for this opportunity to reflect and to grow in caring for myself as God cares for me.
Areas of self-care:
1. Being in solitude:
  a. Spending time alone (un-pressured time:10 minutes/day; 4-6 hours/week)
  b. Quiet reflection/prayer time: meditating; making the Awareness Examen; being in nature
c. Exercise: walking, jogging, bicycling, swimming, etc…
d. Listening to myself through writing or journaling
e. Down-time … just chilling (“wasting” time) with myself and/or Jesus
2. Enriching my mind and spirit.
  a. Reading the Bible and other inspirational books daily (e.g. 10 minutes a day)
b. Enjoying and participating in art, music, movies, plays, dance
  c. Doing something that nourishes me and I truly enjoy (2-3 times a month)


Making annual retreats (that focus on prayer)
3. Attending to my health and seeking help as needed:
a. Regular physical, dental and eye check-ups
b. Confession, spiritual direction, counseling, therapy
4. Participating in the Sacraments, worship, and other forms of praise and worship (at least once a week)




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